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At Ernest & Co Solicitors, we have a collegiate working style with an ambition to be the best at looking after clients; bringing a creative, quality and business-aware approach to all of our work, however complex; fostering and developing our working relationships with leading law firms across the world – our ‘Best Friends’ approach; maintaining a sense of perspective – our clients are best served if an element of warmth and humour is in the mix.

Whilst the broader economic environment is improving after a long down-turn in the wake of the global financial crisis, uncertainties remain and regulatory challenges are ever-present.

Against this backdrop we continue to focus on providing a positive and constructive service to our clients and to draw strength from our multi-specialism and our creative and upbeat approach to dealing with novel situations.

Our culture and values form a big part of who we are and we take them seriously. We make a difference by being approachable, straightforward, supportive and distinctive. Our values are at the core of who we are and what make us a great firm to work with and for. We deeply value the relationships we build with our clients and we know that they value our warm, friendly human approach. We are here to provide answers, recommendations, strategy and tactics. We deliver these in plain English and it’s what we call Legal advice for all.

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